Technical Support

To further oCMDS team at Columbia Officeur stated mission to replace the failed policies and treatment practices of the past three decades, Turning Point Clinic has created a research and development team, which is a key component of our state-of-the-art technical and management services office located in Columbia, Maryland.

This company, Clinic Management and Development Services (CMDS), was conceived and organized by Rev. Milton Emanuel Williams, Jr., Turning Point’s founder and CEO, five years ago in order to review, monitor, improve, and take over all administrative and information technology functions for the Clinic. This team of highly skilled professionals, with experience and degrees in information technology, business administration and health care, hails from China, India, Brazil as well as from the United States. Turning Point is CMDS’s sole client, reporting directly to Reverend Williams.

Research and Development

In addition to maintaining electronic patient, accounting and human resources records, and tracking patient progress and clinical performance, CMDS monitors the work of the clinical and medical staffs at Turning Point, making detailed reports to be used for day-to-day management decisions, and more long-term strategic planning and development. The capacity for research and development that these professionals bring will be an important component of tomorrow’s Turning Point Clinic.

Our patient population, now numbering 2100, makes Turning Point an obvious choice for research, due to the large sample size and information technology capabilities we possess. We are hopeful that research into current treatment practices, and evaluation of new and innovative approaches, will lead to other progressive methadone clinics adopting more effective way to bring help, hope and healing to heroin addicts.