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If you're searching for a substance abuse program in Baltimore, Maryland, look no further than Turning Point Clinic. We offer heroin treatment, methadone treatment and mental health care services. Our staff is dedicated to helping as many people as possible beat their substance abuse disorder, help with opioid use disorder treatment and learn how to live a drug- and crime-free life.

Whether you're concerned about a loved one or you're the one who needs help, count on us to provide the heroin treatment you need in Baltimore, Maryland. Call 410-675-2113 now to learn more about our substance abuse program. You can also call us toll-free at 888-647-8506.

What makes Turning Point Clinic unique?

What makes Turning Point Clinic unique?

Baltimore has the unfortunate reputation of being "the heroin capital of America." We've even seen reports stating that as many as 60,000 heroin addicts live in our city alone. Turning Point Clinic was created to foster hope and healing in a broken city. Our substance abuse treatment center in Baltimore, Maryland stands out from others in the area by:

  • Admitting anyone who walks through our doors
  • Offering optional spiritual life therapy services
  • Maintaining a supportive, accepting atmosphere
  • Running a food pantry for the needy in the area
  • Providing crime avoidance services



Trust us to help you make this important change in your life. Let us guide you through our opioid use disorder treatment. Contact our substance abuse disorder recovery center in Baltimore, Maryland today to learn more about our suboxone and methadone treatment.



Taking a stand and making a difference

Taking a stand and making a difference

The parishioners at New Life Evangelical Baptist Church couldn't turn a blind eye on their brothers and sisters struggling with addiction. Together with their pastor, they created Turning Point Clinic to provide the mental health care Baltimore, MD residents desperately needed. We've helped thousands of people beat addiction at our substance abuse treatment center. As long as you commit to the process, we know you can set yourself free from addiction.

Visit our addiction recovery center in Baltimore, Maryland today to enroll in our substance abuse program.

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