The Miracle of Methadone

The way back to a healthier, safer and more productive life for heroin addicts begins with methadone treatment.

Methadone is truly a miracle drug, a relatively safe, non-addictive escape from the pain and suffering of withdrawal. Equally important, it is a proven medicating panacea that can open an addict’s heroin-ravaged mind to counseling and, eventually, lead him or her to abstinence and rehabilitation.

Heroin addicts are fortunate to have methadone available as the first step toward rehab and the hope and healing it helps make possible. Those addicted to drugs, namely cocaine, benzos, etc., have no such medicinal miracle to help avoid the pain of withdrawal.

Turning Point Clinic patients are administered methadone by a team of highly trained and certified professionals, headed by Dr. Steven Corvilla, and a staff comprised of 78 medical and administrative professionals.  Patients also benefit from one of the very first mental health care units inside a methadone clinic. Completing Turning Point’s staff composition are numerous holders of Ph. D.s and Masters Degrees, who join our medical professionals in giving our patients the best opportunity to gain the freedom of lasting recovery.

The Clinic is open from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Accessibility is easy, with eight treatment windows, ensuring the fastest dosing possible. Patients are usually in and out in five minutes.  New patients need no appointment. They may simply “walk in.”