The Future is Now

In keeping with our stated mission to replace the failed policies and treatment practices of the past three decades, Turning Point Clinic has created a Research and Development Unit to serve as a key clinic component of our state-of-the-art technical support office located in Columbia, Maryland.

In addition to recording and tracking individual patient progress and monitoring the work of our professional treatment and counseling staff, Turning Point’s technical support team has all the advanced skill sets required for a successful business and research operation.

Our large patient population, now numbering over 2,500, makes Turning Point a model in research sample size for studying the results of current treatment procedures, while also helping Turning Point identify possible new, innovative programs that could be put in place by a progressive methadone treatment clinic such as ours.

At the present time, no other neighborhood treatment clinic in Maryland has the size, nor all the tools it takes, to accomplish this forward looking approach to research and development.