Urgent Care In Baltimore, MD

It is an established fact of life in addiction that substance abusers are notorious for neglecting their personal health care by failing to go to the doctor, or simply forgetting to take their medicine when it has been prescribed. Given the fact that all manner of illness and disease is so widespread in a growing heroin hooked “community,” neglected health by addicts is its own epidemic. As a result, more and more addicts are arriving at hospital emergency rooms in ambulances. Many are then hospitalized for long term stays—costing the tax payer thousands of dollars. This can be substantially reduced by adding an Urgent Care Office to Turning Point Clinic’s campus complex.
Researching our patient records, Turning Point has determined that neighborhood access to Urgent Care, combined with the innovative treatment procedure of Directed Care, can save taxpayers up to ten million dollars a year in avoidable ER visits and hospitalizations.