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Baltimore Pastor to Open On-Demand Methadone Clinic: Center Plans to Give Addicts a Dose Within 15 Minutes, Baltimore Sun, 6/11

In June 2011, the Baltimore Sun reported on the Turning Point Clinic becoming the city’s first open access methadone clinic — giving addicts the drug within 15 minutes of walking in the door – despite not yet having the approval of state and federal officials. The article quoted Rev. Williams, “The waiting game is over. It means one less desperate criminal will be walking our streets at night.” The article notes how Rev. Williams takes countering drug addiction personally. In 2002, his daughter was killed in a drug-related shooting in the Park Heights neighborhood in Northwest Baltimore. “We intend to do this with or without the blessing of our mayor, our governor or our elected officials in Annapolis,” he said.

East Baltimore Congregation Opens Methadone Clinic,, 5/03

In May 2003, the Website reported on Turning Point’s opening. The article noted that the clinic started with treating 200 patients, but had plans to treat 3,000. The article quoted Bonnie L. Cypull, then the president of Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, “It’s tremendous. It’ll be 200 people who don’t have to wait any more.” The Website also quoted Martin O’Malley, then Baltimore’s mayor, praising the willingness of the church and local officials to open the clinic in their own neighborhood. “There are people who say we need more drug treatment. But nobody wants people to get healed in their own house.”

Methadone Clinic to Open Inside City Church, Baltimore Sun, 4/03

In April 2003, the Baltimore Sun reported on the New Life Evangelical Baptist Church opening the Turning Point Clinic as a “Bush-era partnership of church and state: a methadone clinic that will operate from a house of worship.” The article quotes Rev. Milton E. Williams, pastor of New Life Evangelical, on how he saw serving methadone — the narcotic used to wean addicts from heroin — as a key role of his church. “I believe Jesus is the author of all good things, including medicine.” Williams said.