Baltimore Times Profile of Turning Point, 8 and 9/14

 In August and September 2014, the Baltimore Times ran a three-part series on the Turning Point Clinic. The first installment profiled how the clinic is “leading the people of East Baltimore out of the bondage of drug addiction.” Having recently admitted its 5,000th patient, the clinic has “become the largest faith-based substance abuse clinic in the country, and possibly the world.” The report notes how the clinic currently has approximately 1,800 patients with 39 licensed and certified clinicians. The Time’s second article profiled a Baltimore woman who, partly thanks to the treatment and counseling she has received from Turning Point Clinic, has kicked a 20-year, $1,500 per week, drug habit. The woman has been drug-free for 10 years. The third installment in the series reports on how Rev. Williams has been inspired by his faith to help the drug-addicted. “Everything I have done has been inspired by God, including the name,” said Rev. Williams. “Turning Point means a turning point in your life. We were able to open our doors in July of 2003. Within a few months, every slot was gone.” In addition to Turning Point Clinic, New Life Evangelical Church also operates Hard Times Food Pantry, which distributes more food to the needy than any pantry in the city.